about curriculum

To help us narrow the field of viable options, we evaluate each curriculum against a formal set of criteria. Each chosen curriculum must:

  • Be biblically based or designed so that Christian elements can be integrated throughout. 
  • Be age appropriate in content for the children.                 
  • Support our standards of high academic excellence by being consistent with that of the classical approach.
  • Support the Charlotte Mason philosophy of being experiential, or hands-on. The instruction must come alive and be more than just written words on a page.
  • Be parent-friendly. Given the model of our school, this is a significant consideration especially for the early grade levels where parents truly function as co-instructors. The curriculum must be organized so that the parent will not have to invest a large amount of time in becoming an expert on that particular curriculum.

A classical curriculum draws upon the rich tradition of a Western liberal arts education, emphasizing the “Great Books” of the past and present and the chronological study of historical periods. Study across the disciplines is designed to overlap and intertwine, bringing greater depth and better retention to learning.